Design is everywhere.

You can see design everywhere, morning newspaper to late night movie ticket!

design is everywhere...
People use design everyday for personal and professional tasks. It is just so easy, anybody can design, if he has a creative mind. You can design business cards, flyers, invitations cards on your home computer with help of design & publishing tools. Some time we have to design greeting cards, signs, powerpoint, invitations, photo albums, postcards, attention poster, personal advertisements for work or Fun.

Do You...?
Do you see yourself as a Designer? Do you want to learn to attractive graphics design from the ground up?

Don't worry, you are in the right place : )

We will teach you the basics things which will help you to get on the play ground to creating, designing and implementing solid designs.

Its FREE...
It rocks. In a simple and straight forward way, you can learn DESIGNING for FREE. Here you will begin by understanding and implementing the foundations of design: the basic elements and principles of design. These elements and principles are applicable to all design mediums such as graphic design, art, architecture, print and web.

You hadn't formal training in design,? No problem, this site will bring you up to speed with the fundamentals of design, while learning how to apply concepts, elements etc.

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