Design industry has good potential as career goal in year ahead

Design industry has good potential as career goal in year ahead

Don’t ever think that art is an easy career. In today’s scenario, employers looking for the person with multi-tasking—like he/she can come up with great concepts, transform concepts into execution with branding guidelines, develop graphics for print, web & broadcast. An employee who is dedicated, responsible, punctual, and talented is a rare gem. I don't want to demotivate you, but want to let you know the overall situation of evergreen career.
Yes, you can the part of this growing field with proper learning dedication and handwork. Don't forget to most popular quote--- “ Practice makes a man perfect”. So do not wait and start your journey of good designer.

Design field has huge potential, from print ad (newspaper layouts to packaging designs), web (web design to apps interfaces), interactive media (animations to UX designs) to broadcast design (graphics and animation for TV channels).

The ability to conceptualize is more important than sketching perfection. You can get double benefits if you hand-sketching to draw storyboards, create characters in your comic books and create icons for your logo designs.

Graphic Design Jobs cover all ends of the creative task. Here is the sum of them....

Art Director
Art director is the head of a creative team. He is responsible for produces artwork for Newspaper, magazines, on television, on billboards, on the web, or on medium by handling team of senior designers, visualizers & junior designers.

Creative / Graphic Designer
Creative designer works closely with art director on various projects. He is responsible to develop final design based on brief of the client or art director.

Layout Artist
A layout artist deals with the structure and layout out of images and text in a pleasing format for various media. There is huge demand of layout artists on big media/ publication houses for their various newspapers, magazine and tabloid.

Photo Editing / Photoshop Artist
Cameraman click shots, indoor and outdoor AND photo artist makes it great photo w.r.t correct lighting, colors and depth.
Photo editing artists play a major role by correcting/editing photos before using them on magazine articles, etc. He does the photo editing on various photo editing applications like adobe photoshop with hands-of-experience and need.

Illustrators conceptualize and create illustrations that represent an idea or a story through two-dimensional or three-dimensional images and illustrations.
You could see any newspaper & magazine articles in which they used infographic (artistic imagination of any subject with images and graphics) of any crime sequence and new technology. Illustrators may do drawings for children's books, character design etc.

Web Designer
As a web designer, your work could be viewed by thousands of people every day. Web designers create the pages, layout, and graphics for web pages, and play a key role to create  a website. Web designers have the task of creating interfaces for web pages, animations to display on websites.

Multimedia Designer
Jobs in multimedia design found in such career fields as television or film production, animation, audio production, and set design, as well as several other multimedia, and production design fields. Multimedia designers create 2D & 3D animations, special audio-video effects for different kind of productions.

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